Arthur Miller Plays 3 by Arthur Miller

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In this third volume of collected works, three of Arthur Miller's stage plays from the early 1980s are brought together in a new edition. Expanding on the themes and explorations of his earlier work, this volume also contains an introduction from the playwright himself, as well as an afterword by acclaimed Miller scholar Christopher Bigsby.

A sweeping, hard-hitting look at the Great Depression of the 1930s, The American Clock(1982) is a vaudevillian celebration of American resilience and optimism in the face of national crisis, and was later performed on Broadway. Set in an Eastern European capital, The Archbishop's Ceiling (1984), examines the relationship between four writers, and the erosion of personal integrity during the cold war: a thrilling study of the effects of surveillance and political pressure on an individual's actions

Also included is a revised version of Two-Way Mirror (1984): a double bill for a man and a woman, consisting of two short plays - Elegy for a Lady and Some Kind of Love Story. These fantastic two-handers explore the nuances in relationships, and have come to be come to be recognised as some sort of coded epitaph to the tumult and tragedy of Miller's marriage to Marilyn Monroe.

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