Delayed Gratification Magazine, Issue 52

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"Few musical duos have been as blisteringly successful or pleasingly enduring as Bernard Taupin and Reginald Dwight. Brought together in 1967, the lyricist and singer - soon to become known as Elton John - co-wrote an extraordinary roster of songs. To mark the Rocket Man's last ever concert we've visualised the pair's biggest live hits.
As a couple of editors who've worked together for over 20 years, we are very much in favour of double acts and partnerships. We love the fact that Robin F Williams paired with Pace Prints to produce Matched, our beautiful cover art, to raise money for causes she believes in. We had a blast teaming up with Carol Adlam to tell the fascinating tale of Saddam Hussein's supergun project. And we very much appreciated collaborating with non-profit news organisation The New Humanitarian to report on the aftermath of the deadly floods in Libya.
But the course of relationships does not always run smooth. Take that between farmers and rewilders in Europe, bitterly divided over the reintroduction of sheep-bothering wolves to the continent.
Or between Woking, the UK's most indebted local authority, and its residents, whose services will shortly be cut to the bone. Or between the new breed of extreme longevity enthusiasts and the inconvenient fact of their own mortality.
Our favourite partnership, naturally, is with our readers. Your support makes Delayed Gratification possible, and we are forever grateful for it.
We hope you enjoy the issue."

Rob & Marcus, Editors


The speed of the modern news agenda can leave anyone feeling constantly on the back foot. Urgency above all, a race to the bottom for a click. We believe that it is print that can revive in its own unique way the value of journalism. There is a movement - slow journalism, that seeks accuracy, depth, context, analysis and expert opinion, all that we consider quality journalism. And we are happy to have a slow journalism magazine on our wooden table.
Delayed Gratification do not hurl into speculation, conjecture and hot air, nor reprinted press releases, kneejerk punditry, and advertorial nonsense. Ad-free, they go into the other direction - wait for three months to pass before returning to the news, picking out what really mattered and returning to events with the benefit of hindsight with a final analysis. Long-form, in-depth journalism, accompanied by great images. As it should be.

195 x 240 mm. 122 pages
London, UK
Editors: Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb
Art director: Christian Tate