I Came For Cous Cous Magazine, Issue 4

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"Voices and creative minds from the Arab worlds"

I Came For Cous Cous is a magazine that gives voice to the creative minds of the Arab world to tell stories beyond the geographic window, with style and panache. Surrounded by a team of journalists, writers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, poets, illustrators… the world around them with creativity and freedom.

Issue #4

"A silence that rises and imposes itself
The contemporary world - the one we bring to you via this magazine - is a living, colourful, pluralistic promise. I Came For Couscous doesn't paper over our differ-ences, it celebrates them; it doesn't sidestep conflicting attitudes but defends the value of diversity; it doesn't shy away from intellectual disagreements, knowing that they constitute an important step on the path of a broader quest for truth.
I write this editorial as the world is being swept away by the sound and fury of human madness. At a time when even words chose to withdraw. Perhaps it would take a little poetry or a few notes of a secret music, but it is silence, in the end, that rises and imposes itself. In Al-Hakim Al-Tirmidhi's book of 'Nuance - Alternatively, the impossibility of synonyms' the author engages in an ethics of nuance which involves understanding ourselves and others, discerning the intentionality and motivations that govern our actions. For him, God has created all possible acts: these acts are offered to man like so many coloured threads hanging before the weaver. Everyone chooses their threads and combines them as they wish in order to obtain a singular fabric - the weft of which could symbolise each person's responsibility, each person's ethics - to express the unlimited and the unheard-of, or the limited and the obscure.
One morning, the sun will rise and we'll find ourselves murmuring in the fragile timbre of survivors, amid the trembling of Men of Peace, that we came for couscous."

210 x 275 mm, 178 pages
Paris, France (English and French-language)
Founder, editor-in-chief and creative director: Mouna Anajjar
Translators: Seth Sherwood, David Hans, Thomas Ladonne


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