Monobloc by Hauke Wendler

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What began as a spontaneous enthusiasm for a photo turned out to be a long-lasting fascination with one of the world's best-selling products: the Monobloc, as it is known in specialist circles. It's the simple plastic chair that exists all over the world, as director Hauke Wendler discovered during his research trip. In November 2021, a documentary film will be released in cinemas, which is about this chair and its countless contexts. Hauke Wendler sees the piece of furniture, which is made from a single cast - hence the name - as a stand-in for stories, anecdotes and snapshots. Although the Monobloc is never the centre of attention, it is always a supporting actor and somehow present on all five continents the director has travelled to. The piece of furniture, of which there are supposed to be a billion copies, is as universal as hardly any other object. The photobook Monobloc , which traces Hauke Wendler's journey alongside the documentary film, is a declaration of love for the world's most famous plastic chair.

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