Sofia Urban Art by Stela Bizeva, Tsvetan Bizev and Nikolay Bizev

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The result of a long journey and work by the wonderful people from Sofia Graffiti Tour, this beautiful book is following the history of street art and graffiti from the beginning of the 90s till now in Sofia. A reflection on our local art as a protest and rebellion, as a social comment, as an integral part of the rebuilding of our society and the new urban rhythm. 

"In 2003, we got hooked on graffiti. We searched around Sofia, and that's how we ended up at the construction site of the 21st school. We discovered the legendary pieces of Eric 273 and pome on its walls. Eric's work there read
"Born to Write." At the center of Xpome's composition was the National Palace of Culture - a significant place for graffiti culture and the city's overall way of life. This is graffiti - an expression of freedom and creative individuality and an integral part of Sofia's culture.
You can find these and other essential artworks, some of which have already been physically removed, in the book you are holding. These pieces helped us to discover and experience the city through graffiti and street art. Later, we established the Sofia Graffiti Tour organisation. This edition continues its activity, which includes telling stories, organising festivals, exhibitions, and large-scale murals.
Sofia Urban Art is a book that attempts to trace the evolution of graffiti and street art in Sofia from the 1990s to the 2020s. It is the first of its kind to present a comprehensive history of this art form over such a long period. The project was inspired by the diverse range of artists and styles throughout the past three decades.
Graffit is a product of a creative environment, and its development has been worth following. From the early days of "bombs" and "spots" group "lams, festivals, and exhibitions to the painting of entire murals, graffiti in Solia has transitioned from being a form of protest art to an accepted part of the city's contemporary culture."

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