Umbigo Magazine, Issue 87

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Cover:Diana Policarpo
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Subordinated to Post-Natural, Umbigo #87 proposes a reinterpretation of Nature and the Anthropocene, in an era in which technology and machines have become part of an everyday landscape and the anthropocentric tendency has been called into question in favour of another worldview.

Umbigo (which means ‘belly button’ in Portugees) is an independent art and culture platform, including a quarterly printed magazine, a daily online publication, a social network for art and a program of various curatorial activities.
Umbigo Magazine, published in Lisboa, features editorials, art shows and global artists and it has two editions - in Portuguese and in English. The publication consists of special art projects, art dialogues and essays, exhibitions reviews, and in-depth interviews. The covers are the result of art projects specially made for the magazine.


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